Student Health


In the interest of your child please ensure that the school always has up-to-date information about:

  • your current address;
  • your current phone contacts - home, work and at least one emergency contact;

If medication is to be taken by your child, the school requires written permission. Please complete the Authority to Dispense Medication form.

Accidents and Illness

Every care is taken to make sure that children are attended to in the event of an accident. Minor accidents, cuts and bruises are treated by staff who are first aid trained. Any bumps to the head are treated and the parents are contacted. Parents are also contacted where the injury is considered to be of a more serious nature. In the event that a serious accident occurs, parents are immediately contacted and, if necessary, medical attention is sought. The school will, in extreme circumstances, ring directly for an ambulance whether the parents can be contacted or not. Parents should note: it is Ambulance Service policy to provide free transportation for any accident occurring on the school grounds or on a school excursion within the ACT. Any child who becomes ill at school is taken to the First Aid room and parents or emergency contacts will be called. This highlights the importance of having current contact details at the front office.

Nut Free Policy

Nuts have been identified as a major trigger for an allergic reaction by students in our St Thomas Aquinas community. Your support in refraining from sending peanut butter and nut products to school in lunches and snacks is sought. The staff will talk to the children and it is most important that you also impress upon your child the importance of following this request. All children need to be aware that they must only eat from their own lunchbox.

Medical Information

Immunisation information: It is an ACT Government regulation that all children attending schools in the ACT be immunised. The school is obliged to formally collect from parents duly completed forms that verify immunisation. Where parents object to immunisation, a formal letter indicating this objection must be provided. In such cases, the ACT Health Department will be notified about your child's lack of immunisation. In the event of a contagious illness being reported at school, children without the appropriate vaccinations will be excluded from school. We strongly urge all families to fully immunise their school age children.

Medical Service

ACT Health visits the school each year. Only Kindergarten will receive a thorough medical screening. Other children will be seen on request. After consultation with parents any child with a specific need is referred to appropriate specialist services.