Kindergarten - Year 6 Buddies

At the Early Bird Orientation program Kindergarten children will be matched up with a Year 5 child who will be their special buddy for the following year. This relationship assists with creating a smooth transition into primary school. The system eases the Kinder child’s anxiety during the first few weeks by knowing a familiar face. This relationship is fostered throughout the year by working together in Peer Support Groups and many other vertical grouping activities.

SEL/Peer Support

Children in Year 6 are given an opportunity to develop and enhance their leadership skills by taking part in a social skills program. The program is aimed at providing young people with leadership experiences.

Every child from Kindergarten to Year 5 is organised into multi-age groups and assigned a Peer Support Leader (a Year 6 child). The Peer Support Groups meet on a regular basis. During this time, the Leader works through a number of formal and informal activities focussing particularly on the older students helping our younger students.


All classes at St Thomas Aquinas are involved in excursions that enrich and support classroom learning. These excursions are to local venues, with the Year 5 and Year 6 students also attending overnight camps.


St Thomas Aquinas does expect that homework is a part of the learning process but it is not considered overly demanding and excessively difficult to complete. Therefore in K-2 in 2019, children are able to read a book for fun, or be read to. They are also asked to complete a spelling or a letter activity. Children in grades 3-4 are asked to also read and complete a Maths activity. In 5-6, children are asked to do the same, with one assignment a term being added.