Medical Forms

The Catholic Education Office of Canberra and Goulburn (CEOCG) policy on the Medical Welfare of Students can be found here

Medical Information and Consent Form - 2021

Medical Form 1 - Request to Dispense Medication During School Hours
This form is to be completed by Parents/Guardians for all medications to be administered during school hours, in addition to Medical Plans if applicable.
Medical Form 2 - Deed of Indemnity
This form is to be completed by Parents/Guardians for the administering/dispensing of Schedule 8 Drugs.

Medical Form 3 - Medical Advice to School
This form is to be completed by the prescribing Doctor if a Medical/Health Plan is not provided.  Some medical conditions require more complex Health Care Plans including those with asthma, Type 1 diabetes, epilepsy, anaphylaxis or other more complex health procedures. 

Please note that schools do not dispense analgesic substances for pain relief without prior approval from the parent or guardian. 
Aspirin, or medications containing Aspirin, can only be administered with written authorisation by the student's doctor.  
Schedule 8 drugs include Codeine, Concerta and Ritalin.